Ruby Whitty – Unicorn Art Studio

Ruby Whitty – Unicorn Art Studio
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Art has always been a passion of mine. As a child I loved to draw and paint – it was an escape.
As life went on: marriage, having twins and emigrating to New Zealand from the UK took over and there was little time for pencils and brushes.
It is now that I have time to begin my journey……..
I started with Folk Art, I loved the specialized brushes and clean lines and shading required. I then tried applying these disciplines to canvas and board using a variety of mediums. Favouring Acrylics.
As I have not had any formal training, I try to imagine the finished painting then work out how to do it.
I gain inspiration from many sources: nature, glass, fruit, flowers, landscapes, buildings and historical landmarks to name a few. But I am always willing to try something new – go in a different direction.
I have recently produced a collection of unusual abstract works called ‘Industrial Chaos’ inspired from childhood memories of my brother’s profession as a tool maker.
This has led me to even more abstract works, which I am enjoying very much but I still love to paint landscapes and still life.
I am actively involved with the Rangiora Art Society and am President of the Kaiapoi Creative Arts section of the KWMC.
Local exhibitions are the main avenue where I present my work. These are wonderful opportunities to network with other creative people in my community. Of which there are many.
I am available for commission work.
I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to express myself by way of a brush. The journey so far has taught me a lot about myself and everyday I look forward to what it brings creatively.

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