Who makes Kaiapoi's best FISH & CHIPS?

Fish and Chips is a family favourite in most kiwi households and in Kaiapoi there is a wide selection of options to takeaway and or at a sit down restaurant. The key is to taste them all and then choose which is the best…. we have our favourite and that was after buying the same fish and chips from 3 providers and from that we chose the one we liked… and we have not been disappointed once. Enjoy your Kiwi fav…Fish an Chips

CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen Kaiapoi


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Urban Revival

Beer Battered Chatham Island Blue Cod 
with Chips & Salad $29
Served Friday Evening Dinner Service 
Dine in or Takeaway
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Fish n Chips – fresh gurnard served with salad and fries $28.90 on our main menu for a generous serving.

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Kaiapoi Village Fish & Chips

Crumber blue cod with a sampler of chips.

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Kaikanui Tavern

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