Advertise Your Kaiapoi Business

Kaiapoi Info marketing short video of why you should advertise here

What Local businesses really need are more Local Customers.

“If we listen to conventional wisdom, businesses should be using TV, radio and online banner ads to attract new customers. But when it comes to local businesses, these channels simply aren’t as effective as turning to local marketing.”

Want your brand on the most searched directory for Kaiapoi businesses???

Best Option:
If you want the best profile in Kaiapoi – being seen first in the header banner
It will only cost $25 inclusive of GST per week..along with weekly adverts on Kaiapoi Information Facebook.. minimum of 4 weeks, paid in advance. Adverts can be changed each month.
Plus we will add in ONE hour free Facebook/social media marketing course..where you will learn to get the most from social media. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool and can get you in front of a vast number of new customers…but how do you do it…we will tell you about the tricks we have learnt…
Elsewhere this would cost you at least $400.
Kaiapoi Dollar vouchers = results based advertising
Vouchers will work for any business, whether its hospitality, clothing or retail.. if you have a hair salon, sell shoes, make crafts, sell jeans.. anything… vouchers will work for you… it will get your business noticed, retain and get new customers and you only pay for results and the beauty of it, you only pay when you make a sale.
ie We have started to sell CBK $30 dining vouchers for $50 value. CBK get paid $25 per voucher, our commission is just $5 (which covers c/card costs and fees and printing and marketing costs)… and they are going FAST
Voucher advertising only costs when you make a sale
Vouchers benefit everyone, great value for the buyer of the voucher… the business pays only a small commission when a voucher is sold that’s it… no advertising costs up front, result based advertising… we have seen so far for every dollar spent on commissions is multiplied by the factor 10-11+
Clever Businesses
Do you a day where business is slow, or a time of the day when you have staff standing around doing nothing … create a voucher for that day and time – simple to do…only condition.
The client books and pays a week in advance, they can change the booking, but thats at your discretion.
Local Advertising works
People search a wide range of businesses, we have over 500 Kaiapoi listings… and we are starting to include Woodend and Pegasus businesses
No Matter what your business is… So long as it is in Kaiapoi, Woodend or Pegasus we will promote it.

If you want your business to get noticed…contact us now