Majestical Scentz

Majestical Scentz
Business Description
Majestical Scentz is the magical place you can order your hand made products
Such as Shake n vac to make your carpet smell amazing
Shower steamers to take your shower to the next level
Bath Bombs and more to come
Shower steamers $3.50 from
Mini steamers $3.00ea
2in1 bombs $3.50 ea
Bath bomb buttons 12pk $15
Bath bomb bars $6ea
Bath salts
300g $7
450g $10.50
1 litre jar $22
Fairy Dust Bath Fizz $7.50 each small
$14 large bag
Shake N Vac
300g $5
500g $8.
1000ml $16
Laundry Boosters
300g $7
500g $10
1000ml $19
Sinus Bombs $2.50ea
Box of 15 $20
Cleaning Bombs
30 for $20
50 for $35
Cleaning bomb powder form
500g $13
Body mists $6.50
Roller perfume $6.50
Room spray 100ml $15
Body wash
100ml $6ea
300ml $9ea
3 pack 80ml $12.50
Sugar scrub
$8.00 small
Coffee Scrub
Salt Scrub
$11 180ml
$14 300ml
$20 Mystery Bags
$30 Mystery Bags
$50 Mystery Bags
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