Kaiapoi Food Forest

Kaiapoi Food Forest
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A community food forest provides an abundance of food for residents and those that wish to visit to gather – fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants by way of a layered permaculture companion planting system.

Imagine wandering through a flourishing forest where almost every plant is edible and all plants serve a purpose.

The Waimakariri District Council is going to lease 1.5acres of land to the Kaiapoi Food Forest Trust to develop a food forest.

A food forest functions as a healthy closed-loop ecosystem, with each organism playing a role. Each element of the system supports the whole. The many relationships happening in an ecosystem are imitated in a food forest which:
• builds soil and accumulates nutrients
• self-fertilizes, self-mulches, self-regulates
• produces  food, fiber, medicine, materials, fodder and more
• Sequesters Carbon, offsetting climate change
• provides habitat for all living organisms
• supports pollinators and beneficial insects
• protects and enhances biodiversity

We want volunteers...if you would like to help please give us a call... or visit during our volunteer days which is most Wednesdays from 4pm till around 6pm

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03 327-0066
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Meadow and Cass Street and Oram Place, Kaiapoi
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