Anna’s Whare – Natural skincare and gifts

Anna’s Whare – Natural skincare and gifts
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Natural skincare and gifts.

Kawakawa and magnesium balms are really popular.

Immunity packs and NAC $65. Also sold individually. I have lots immunity supplements now available

Come get a ionic foot detox in my new room

So we have had covid in our whare now and it lasted 1hr of symptoms to 7 days. We were all taking supplements before and increased doses during. These packs are awesome! Some products like Vit c, Vit d and quercetin and NAC i am selling seperately too. $40 for the packs are a really good deal. Some tablets have 30 and some are 90 tablets

Selling oximetres $20 and we have thermometersin stock

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027 715 5320
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Pines beach
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