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Christine Watton
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Christine is currently living, working and creating in Kaiapoi. She comes from a teaching background, but is presently commissioned in a marketing capacity when she is not creating artworks. Her artistic passions lie within the realms of abstract expressionism and photography. Christine’s preference is to convey more of what she feels than she sees, making her work rather spontaneous, largely unplanned, and a welcome relief from considered responses expected in daily living. While Christine enjoys most styles of painting it is abstract art where she derives most satisfaction from, usually beginning with a random under-painting allowing the finished mixed media piece to evolve. This process may take a while and she usually has many works on the go at one time, waiting for the next layer of each piece to reveal itself. There is a sense of joy in Christine’s work that comes from an unplanned journey, as the finished artwork slowly evolves, with layer at a time revealing itself through to completion.

Christine is represented by Art Box, Papanui and McAtamney Gallery, Geraldine.

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