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If every person visiting or was a resident of Kaiapoi spent an extra $5 per week in a local shop, it would equate to an extra $3million in the local economy, if everyone spent an extra $5 per day, it would be over $20million…

Start spending an extra $5 per day or at the very least per week in Kaiapoi

Thank you to Kaiapoi photographic club members Annette Preen and Bridget Pasfield who kindly supplied the beautiful header images on our website and soon to be seen billboards.

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Download the popular “Kai in Kaiapoi” flyer – features every Kaiapoi food related business in Kaiapoi.

Every cafe, every restaurant, every take away, every convenience store

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Creating a food forest is an exercise in connecting people, increasing resilience and sustainability, reducing net migration, improving living quality, creating jobs, strengthening mental and physical health, up skilling youth, attracting tourists and generating profit for Kaiapoi and the Waimakariri District.

Kaiapoi Food Forest
Kaiapoi Food Forest

The Kaiapoi Food forest is looking for volunteers, would you like to donate plants, trees, products, time or money

Visit http://kai.net.nz … Kai is in our name – connect, nourish, educate, and inspire.




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