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To make changes or claim your business listing, you need to register your email first, this is so we can see you your email is bonifide:

This following guide will show you the steps you will take to sign in and register:










Click on the blue Not yet registered?


create a name and enter your email address


If you come back to the back now, you will be directed to create a password


Create your password


Now you can return to your listing and entire the details of your name/email and password


When claiming your listing:

Check what has been written about your business and make any changes, you have to type something in the comments box…either way


You will then get a message like this to say we will get back to you


You may get two emails, this is the one you will look out for…

It has a link to your listing so you can choose to have a premium listing or a free one


This is the current listing prices, and will be subject to going up.


Once you like the listing and agree to the pricing plan, click on the Buy Now button and any purchases will be handled by PayPal


Thank you, for supporting Kaiapoi