Marketing district costs $630,000

Marketing the district, showcasing what the area has ensures business growth and more jobs for locals. This is a competitive market…it needs to be done so well.
With thousands of people driving past, having an effective website with quality information is crucial to pulling the spending public off the motorway….to come visit our towns
I want to see the $630, 000 Ratepayers money spent by Council spent more effeciently… ie Visit Waimakariri website undersells each town because it only promotes businesses that pay them… yet those same business through their rates pay for marketing…so ENC is double dipping. ENC run the I-site and loses money each year, whilst other I-sites are closing everywhere as people go online to book travel. Ratepayers in the Waimakariri prop up something that is a waste of money. Further more the Waimakariri is the worst performing district as it relates to bringing in domestic tourist $$$$.

A website that will promote the district, showcasing the points of difference, something we are paying for yet its not being achieved.

Make a change and elect Brent Cairns for Council
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