Tuahiwi Herbs – home grown and hand made
Tuahiwi Rd, Tuahiwi 7691, New Zealand

We are a small company passionate about growing high quality, organic herbs which we handcraft into herbal teas, herbal blends and herbal skin products.

Hi, I’m Cathy, I founded Tuahiwi Herbs because I am passionate about growing herbs and using them in ways that enhance their healing properties. I particularly like blending herbal teas as there is such a wide range of flavours and medicinal benefits to be gained from a well blended tea.

I have always been interested in growing and using herbs and starting growing my first herb garden when I was a teenager. I completed an apprenticeship in herbal medicine and since then have been growing herbs for herbal teas and products.

I believe that the healing properties of herbs can only be harnessed by using herbs grown in the best conditions for each plant without using toxic chemicals. If you are using herbs for their medicinal benefits, then it is very important to know how and where the herbs were grown. My herbal teas and herbal products use only herbs that I have grown on my own property in Tuahiwi, North Canterbury, or wild crafted locally.

Tuahiwi Herbs
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Back to the Wild – Natural, Organic, & Ethical skin, body & home products
Williams Street, Kaiapoi

Natural, Organic, & Ethical skin, body & home products.
Friendly on your skin, the environment, & your wallet.
Safe for babies, great for people with sensitive skin, & anyone who wants to cut down on the amount of toxins in their life & reduce their carbon footprint!
I started making these products for myself & our family. I didn’t like the amount of chemicals & toxins in store-bought versions, but I also found alternative products quite expensive. Enjoying a challenge, I started to teach myself how to make these things.
After sharing some products with friends, they were constantly asking me when I would make a business & start selling these things!
After much umming & ahhing, Back to the Wild was born!
(021) 02223363