Woodend & Greater Kaiapoi Businesses

Canterbury Equestrian – Woodend
50 Main North Road, Woodend

This shop is far more than just equestrian.. you can find a wide range of product… some lovely fashions, gumboots, boots and shoes. Whilst the overall theme is equestrian, the shop is well worth popping in and having a look…

In addition the staff, well the day I visited were just delightful, very knowledgable and friendly.

This shop is one of 4 shops that are situated around New Zealand…


Canterbury Equestrian – Woodend
(03) 3100570
Lavender Fields
224 Waikuku Beach Rd
Waikuku 7473

Lavender Fields was initially planted in 1995 by Jim Curnow, when he was 64. This makes
it one of the earliest lavender farms in New Zealand. Angustifolia, Stoechas, and X Intermedia
were planted, with propagation and oil production in mind.
Jim’s daughter, Clare, and her husband Kevin have been involved
for much of this time, more extensively since 2010.
The still was commissioned in 1998. Clare has been manufacturing
her “Declare” range of products since 2011. These products all include Lavender Fields’
essential oils, and other carefully sourced oils and natural ingredients. No animal products,
parabens, sulphates or petro-chemicals are used.
Jim, played an active role in Lavender Fields, especially in the
distillation of the quality award winning essential oils, until he passed away aged 92 November the 19th 2014.
Clare and Kevin are carrying on Jim’s legacy, running the farm
and distilling the highest quality oils.

Lavender Fields
03-312 7220
Tuahiwi Herbs – home grown and hand made
Tuahiwi Rd, Tuahiwi 7691, New Zealand

We are a small company passionate about growing high quality, organic herbs which we handcraft into herbal teas, herbal blends and herbal skin products.

Hi, I’m Cathy, I founded Tuahiwi Herbs because I am passionate about growing herbs and using them in ways that enhance their healing properties. I particularly like blending herbal teas as there is such a wide range of flavours and medicinal benefits to be gained from a well blended tea.

I have always been interested in growing and using herbs and starting growing my first herb garden when I was a teenager. I completed an apprenticeship in herbal medicine and since then have been growing herbs for herbal teas and products.

I believe that the healing properties of herbs can only be harnessed by using herbs grown in the best conditions for each plant without using toxic chemicals. If you are using herbs for their medicinal benefits, then it is very important to know how and where the herbs were grown. My herbal teas and herbal products use only herbs that I have grown on my own property in Tuahiwi, North Canterbury, or wild crafted locally.

Tuahiwi Herbs
021 066 8364
Tuahiwi Organics
496 Tuahiwi Road

Our Philosophy

Chris Ashwell of Tuahiwi Organic Gardens has been growing organic produce since 1995. Our vegetables are lovingly grown without sprays and pesticides in fabulous Paparoa and Temuka silt loam soil in Tuahiwi, North Canterbury.
Chris has a natural connection with his beloved soil and there’s nothing more he loves to do than to walk through his freshly worked soil. He has a natural affinity with the soil and he has the ability to work out what the soil is lacking by smelling it and clasping it in his hand. For him, growing beautiful vegetables starts with the soil.

At Tuahiwi Organic Garden we grow a wide variety of vegetables from everyday staples to more difficult to source vegetables such as celeriac, kohlrabi, turnips, daikon radish and fennel bulb. These vegetables are grown in great soil and irrigated and washed clean in Tuahiwi’s pure artesian water.

Tuahiwi Organic Gardens have now moved with the times and are offering an online vegetable delivery service. More of the same great fruit and vegetables but delivered to your door weekly or whenever you choose.

Get a hand picked, hand delivered box of fresh produce weekly

Tuahiwi Organics
Kath Ashwell – 027 213 1782 Phone Number – 03 313 3847
Sweet Peas Woodend
52 Main North Road
Woodend, New Zealand

Sweet Peas offers a vast range of crafts, wooden toys,collectables and giftware, for all occasions – it’s like Christmas all year round!. Heaps of new shipment all year round Come into our shop and see for yourself. open 9-5 every day till christmas We are located in Woodend – just 20 minutes from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Sweet Peas Woodend
03-312 7106
Revolution Church
442 Tuam Street, Christchurch

Our Statement of Faith
Here at Revolution Church we believe in, follow and love Jesus Christ, God’s only son. We believe Jesus’ claims in John 14:6, that he is the only way to God and the ultimate source of truth and life.

By the power of the Holy Spirit we encounter the person of Jesus in the pages of the Bible and also our daily lives. Through Jesus we understand that God is interested in humanity and that God is loving, merciful, just and good.

We believe that the purpose of all people everywhere is to reflect God’s glory and enjoy relationship with God. We believe that this relationship was broken through our disobedience and rebellion, but that through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection this broken relationship has been restored!

One day Jesus will return to complete the revolution that He began, to redeem and restore His creation. Until then, we believe that as members of the global Christian community we are called to extend His glorious kingdom by carrying on His work. With Jesus as our role model and in the power of God we will humbly serve both God and creation bringing healing, justice and hope to the best of our ability.

In the tradition of our church fathers, we shall follow no creed but Christ.

Revolution Church
Hocus Pocus Dog Grooming
16 Paget Drive
Woodend, New Zealand

Have your dog groomed in a happy, friendly environment. No Dog too big or small.

Pet Groomers in Woodend, New Zealand

Hocus Pocus
027 280 8573
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Lyndia Stratford Hair Stylist
49 Main North Road
Woodend, New Zealand

Lyndia Stratford Hair Stylist, Hairdresser North Canterbury. Professional Colourist, hair styles for Men & Woman, Wedding Specialist Call Out Straightening

New Zealand Trade Qualified Hairdresser, Diploma Hairdressing, Diploma Information Technology National College of Design and Technology – Industry Exp.

Wedding Specialist Call Out, Hair Colourist, Stylist, Hairdresser, Professional Trade Qualified & DIP Hairdressing, DIP Information Technology

Lyndia Stratford Hair Stylist
Call 03 310 0411 or 021 239 0713
Woodend Nurseries
42 Chinnerys Road, Woodend, 7610, North Canterbury

Woodend Nurseries is a North Canterbury company established in 1985, boasting a passionate staff with 132 years combined knowledge and experience.We are one of the few independent nurseries left in the country under the leadership of respected nurseryman Stuart Hide. The company has expanded over recent times, with an extensive selection of high quality, locally grown plants on just over two and a half acres. We specialise in Fruit, Edibles, Shrubs, Trees, Hedging, Forestry and Shelter. We also have a range of Perennials, Annuals, Roses and Dry Goods. Our range of Fruit Trees, Edibles, and Deciduous Trees is the largest in Canterbury, so you will be sure to find just what you are looking for, or we can source it for you!

By dealing with us your local grower, you will be purchasing plants that we have produced ourselves and are hardened to the environment. We only grow the best performing varieties that are suited to our Canterbury conditions. In selection we look for autumn colour, pest and disease resistance, suitability to climate and soil conditions and the height of the mature plants, just to name a few. Other factors that we also take into consideration when growing a plant, are sucker prevention, early fruiting ability, sturdier and straighter growing plants, form and vigour. Woodend Nurseries also specialises in fruit trees, selecting varieties for their suitability of the Canterbury climate, pest and disease tolerance, pollinating ability, fruit quality and quantity.For all plants we strive to grow only the best commercial varieties, so you are choosing the very finest quality available, and we back that up with an in-depth level of expertise.

Woodend Nurseries
Tuahiwi Florist & Crafts
Greens Road,Tuahiwi
Christchurch, New Zealand

Tuahiwi Florist ,of 172 Greens Road.

Tena kotou, Tena kotou Katoa,
Nga mihi nui kia kotou,

I would like to acknowledge all my
Customers who have come into my
Little flower & craft shed over the years.

Thank you so much for your support and the caring orders you brought to my work bench.

I have closed, looking at relocating.

No reira, Tena kotou, tena kotoa katoa.


Tena Koutou Katoa, Ko Diana, toku ingoa.
Naumai haere mai, welcome to our Facebook page.
Our floral and craft studio is a New Zealand, family owned business, situated in Tuahiwi, 20 minutes from Christchurch airport.
We provide a daily floral service, creating designs with fresh flowers and foliage. With more than 30 years floristry experience working in city shops, I decided it was time for a change. We opened our studio on our rural property just over 3 years ago.
With a particular focus on Maori crafts made in New Zealand, we have on display good examples of local artist’s work including, carvings, harakeke weaving, paintings, jewellery, feltwork and handmade cards.

Please visit again,

Kia ora koutou katoa,


Tuahiwi Florist & Crafts
03-313 5351
Dan Lim PHOTOGRAPHY  Capture your moment in time.
70 Rangiora Woodend Rd,
Woodend 7610
North Canterbury

I am a photographer based in North Canterbury and Christchurch.
You will have a sense of my photographic style by browsing through my portfolio. I look to capture the scenes of people and events in their natural settings to tell the beautiful story that unfolds with authenticity and spontaneity of the moment. It is also important for me to listen to your requirements and ideas and will try to collaborate your ideas with mine.
Get in touch with me and we can have a chat about your requirements and how I can help getting your ideas into images.

021 1552776