North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support

Neighbourhood Support aims to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live.

Do you wonder who is lurking about your property while it is unattended?


Our group of volunteers actively patrols all businesses, schools and residential areas of Kaiapoi and Rangiora every Friday and Saturday night acting as eyes and ears for the Police.

WE URGENTLY need more members to help with this essential service as our numbers are low at present and we do not want to let the people of Waimakariri District down by not being able to fill our roster each weekend.

If you are able to spare a few hours on a Friday or Saturday night once a month, please contact either of the following for an application form or further information.

Kaiapoi: Bill DIGGONS ph: 03 3275314 or billdiggons@hotmail.com

or Helen Todd Canterbury Community Patrol Coordinator: ph 021 02586021 or helen.todd@police.govt.nz

Police clearance is required.

North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support
03 3275314
The National Scout Museum
12 Williams St, Kaiapoi 7630. Sunday from 1pm to 4pm or alternatively by arrangement. Guided tours can be provided, also by arrangement.

The National Scout Museum is in the Conference Wing of the building complex at the “Blue Skies” Conference and Training Centre in Kaiapoi – North Canterbury.
It has a permanent display detailing the history of Scouting in New Zealand starting from Baden Powell’s story and his founding of the movement, before covering the origins of Scouting in New Zealand. Kaiapoi features strongly in the New Zealand history of Scouting being where the first Scout Patrol is reputed to have been formed and early camps were held at Woodend where today a memorial cairn is located. There were many unique aspects that were introduced by Col D.Cossgrove (the first Dominion Chief Scout) who taught at the school in Tuahiwi, such as Peace Scouts, Bull Pups, and Empire Sentinels. It then covers the various age group sections and major activities of the movement. In addition to the permanent display, the museum has an extensive specialized collection of a wide array of Scouting material.
Queries and research within the collection is undertaken on request by a team of volunteer staff.

Sunday from 1pm to 4pm or alternatively by arrangement. Guided tours can be provided, also by arrangement.

03-327 5210 (Graham Matheson) (03) 385 7599
Days for Girls North Canterbury New Zealand Team

What if lack of feminine hygiene kept you in your room for days? No school for days. No income, for days. We can change that!

Company Overview
Days for Girls North Canterbury New Zeland is a chapter of Days for Girls International, which works toward the goal of every woman in the world having access to feminine hygiene.

General Information
Days for Girls International provides sustainable and effective feminine hygiene solutions to girls and women worldwide. Because no woman should go without…

Washable feminine hygiene kits for distribution to girls and women in need, Feminine hygiene education for the girls and women receiving kits, training for girls and women in need to sew washable feminine hygiene kits.

Days for Girls North Canterbury
Salvation Army – Kaiapoi Family Store
50 Charles Street, Kaiapoi

Household, Clothing, Furniture

Monday – Friday

9.00 am – 4.30pm


10am – 1pm

(03) 9030017
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Kaiapoi Food Forest – Kai is in our name – connect, nourish, educate, and inspire.
Food Forest location – Corner of Cass and Meadow and Oram Place, Kaiapoi

Welcome to the first post about our food forest in Kaiapoi
Kai is in our name – connect, nourish, educate, and inspire.

After the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, large portions of Kaiapoi land were purchased by the government. This land is being given back to the community for it to develop into amenities.

Ones of the most popular ideas the community wanted was a food forest.

The Waimakariri District Council invited Brent & Shirley Cairns to head the food forest project.

Their vision is to provide food for the community a place of learning and a place for people to come and gather and enjoy the food.

Kaiapoi Food Forest
(03) 3270066
Community Pantry Kaiapoi
116 Williams Street, Kaiapoi.

The Kaiapoi Community Pantry (Food Bank) is completely reliant on the good will of the people of Kaiapoi. We provide food to approx 45-50 families a month and operate on a tight budget.

About our service
Our Community Pantry is open each day between 9am – 4pm. You can access three food parcels per year, for four or subsequent parcels. As part of making our Community Pantry available, you are encouraged to also see Budget Advice Services or our Social Worker. We can help you will making contact with these services.

Our Community Pantry runs solely off donations of food and money from the residents and service clubs of Kaiapoi. Donations can be made at our premises at 116 Williams Street, Kaiapoi.

We provide an understanding, personal, confidential approach through our Community Pantry service. We take time to provide education about cooking on a budget or different ways to cook the food given. You get to choose the items that you need in your food parcel.

(03) 327 8945
Kaiapoi Community Garden
48-52 Hilton St, Kaiapoi

An opportunity to experience sustainable growing, from seed to table.

Come and learn or share your expertise.

We are located on the school playing fields of Kaiapoi Borough School at the bottom of Hilton Street by the railway line. The garden is open on a Weds 10am – 12 pm in the summer and 11am – 1pm in the winter.
The garden has a close relationship with the school and helps in the running of the Garden to Table programme which the school joined earlier in 2015.

Kaiapoi Community Garden
Mandy Griener (03) 327 2821 Debbie (027) 313 1234
Kaiapoi Farmers Market
Morgan Williams Reserve,
Charles Street (opp New World)

The Kaiapoi Farmers Market is a not-for-profit community market established in 2005 that focusses on local producers and products.  All profits are put back into the market and the wider community.

We believe in bringing fresh produce and value for money to our community.  We support stalls that are bringing artistan products that a created or grown locally.  We support education about organics, compositing and other related topics.

Our stallholders are all knowledgable and enjoy answering questions and meeting the community.

Becoming a stall holder is easy.   The costs are minimal and we like to support newcomers to the market.   If you are interested in having a stall please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

ATMs are located at Kiwibank & Post Officek and inside New World on Charles Street;  Toilets available just along the road at Morgan Williams Reserve;
Fishing rod and mountain bike hire available at Kaiapoi i-Site.

Every Saturday
10 am – 2 pm (rain or shine!)
Morgan Williams Reserve,
Charles Street (opp New World)
Come visit us
Support local fruit, vegetable and craft producers

021 057 6636
Kaiapoi Community Watch Inc
147 Williams St, Kaiapoi, New Zealand 7630

Community watch around Kaiapoi

(03) 3277 688
Waimakariri District Libraries
Kaiapoi Library, Williams Street, Kaiapoi

Volunteers assist with shelving of books, Some assist by delivering materials to households

Mark O’Connell (03) 311 8901
Kaiapoi Museum
Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre 176 Williams Street
Kaiapoi, New Zealand

Kaiapoi District Historical Society Inc.
Kaiapoi Museum is administrated by the Kaiapoi District Historical Society Inc.
It is housed in the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre
PLEASE NOTE: We are closed on Public Holidays
Kaiapoi Museum was previously housed in the old Court House which was demolished after the Sept. earthquake 2010, and reopened in the Ruataniwha Civic Centre on the 5 Sept. 2015.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not open on Public Holidays

03-311 8919
Kaiapoi Food Forest
Meadow and Cass Street and Oram Place, Kaiapoi

A community food forest provides an abundance of food for residents and those that wish to visit to gather – fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants by way of a layered permaculture companion planting system.

Imagine wandering through a flourishing forest where almost every plant is edible and all plants serve a purpose.

The Waimakariri District Council is going to lease 1.5acres of land to the Kaiapoi Food Forest Trust to develop a food forest.

A food forest functions as a healthy closed-loop ecosystem, with each organism playing a role. Each element of the system supports the whole. The many relationships happening in an ecosystem are imitated in a food forest which:
• builds soil and accumulates nutrients
• self-fertilizes, self-mulches, self-regulates
• produces  food, fiber, medicine, materials, fodder and more
• Sequesters Carbon, offsetting climate change
• provides habitat for all living organisms
• supports pollinators and beneficial insects
• protects and enhances biodiversity

We want volunteers…if you would like to help please give us a call… or visit during our volunteer days which is most Wednesdays from 4pm till around 6pm

Kaiapoi Food Forest
03 327-0066
Satisfy Food Rescue
C/- Kaiapoi Community Support, 116 Williams Street, 7630 Kaiapoi

Satisfy Food Rescue is based in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury, New Zealand.  We work collaboratively with local food retailers and charities to re- direct surplus perishable food that would otherwise have been destined for landfill or animal feed to those in the community who most need it.

Our focus is on the Waimakariri and Hurunui Districts; looking initially to Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Amberley for potential food donors and recipient charities.

027 951 6052
Kaiapoi Promotions Association
Kaiapoi Promotion Association
PO Box 130
Kaiapoi 7644

The Kaiapoi Promotion Association is proud to be an initiator and community leader in the river town’s progression forward and redevelopment post-earthquake for the betterment of all the Kaiapoi community stakeholders.

The Kaiapoi Promotion Association strives to effectively build, strengthen and enhance the present and future community of Kaiapoi.

+64 3 550 4444 Ext. 2
Kaiapoi Budget Services
Shop 4, Kaiapoi Village Arcade, 123 Williams Street, Kaiapoi

Need budgeting advice?
 The most effective advice you can receive is that given one-on-one by a Federation certificated budget adviser.

Our trained volunteer budget advisers are available by appointment to individuals & families in the Woodend, Kaiapoi, Brooklands and Belfast area.

Phone or drop in to our office, open:

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri from 10am to 12noon
Thurs from 4pm to 6pm

About us
 Our service is committed to helping families and individuals overcome financial problems and to encourage effective money management by teaching:

budgeting skills, how to clear debt and budget for the future
the benefits of appropriate banking systems, how to avoid contract traps & unmanageable future debt

Kaiapoi Budget Service offers free, confidential, unbiased advice to anyone in need of budgeting support, no matter their income, ethnicity, or personal circumstances.

(03) 327 9509 or 027 2051904