2017 – whats going to happen in and around Kaiapoi

With the new year under way, what does 2017 look like for Kaiapoi.

Firstly the wharf and river are getting a major revamp, I have attached an image of what we can expect. Kaiapoi and its river is unique and has been I believe under utilized.

The revamp will see new buildings and seating on the riverbank. The full article can be viewed by click the image.

“Jedd Pearce and Mark Revis, directors of PLC Developments Limited, are both locals who have a vision for the town’s future. They have appointed JLL as the master agents for this development. JLL agent Anton Ritani is leading the campaign.

“Kaiapoi is regenerating after the damage suffered in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and its population is growing. In the 2013 census, the Waimakariri District was shown to be one of the fastest growing in New Zealand,” Ritani says.

The Kaiapoi Town Centre plan focuses on revitalising the area around the river.

“The council wants to spend around $8million to revitalise the river with walkways and pontoons,” Ritani says.

“This development fits the vision for the area. Council has leased the developer the land to build this,” he says.

JLL is seeking suitable retail and food and beverage tenants for Riverview and will also invite other agencies to collaborate in these leasing opportunities.”

The Future use of the Red Zone decisions have been given the rubber stamp of approval, this year we hope to see finally some positive added value amenities for the Kaiapoi community.

We look forward to food forests, dog parks etc…

At present in the regeneration zones (Red Zones) with the many fruit trees laden with fruit, we are getting a great deal of people coming into the township foraging for food. This is a tourist draw card and should be promoted more…eco tourism is one of the fastest growing industries…and we have it here in Kaiapoi

The key is that Kaiapoi isn’t just seen as just a feeder for greater Christchurch and retains its own identity and the people that live here, support and shop local Kaiapoi

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