Kaiapoi Cafes – where to Eat & Drink in Kaiapoi, there’s plenty of choice

Kaiapoi has the Maori word for food in its title..."Kai"

Kaiapoi lives up to its name - from quick snacks, cafes, great take aways to formal dining, there's plenty of choice in Kaiapoi

Cafe's in Kaiapoi

Rivertown Cafe is one of our favourite spots to pop into and get a lovely coffee, they have lovely friendly staff and fresh food, Tracey the Manager is just so lovely and passionate about her team and her community (come in for a chat, meet new friends. - MID-MORNING MINGLE MONDAYS).

Another great spot is Coffee Culture, Chris's team are on the ball providing consistently wonderful service.

Red Eight Cafe has some amazing food...especially Fridays... Steph the owner and Chef just makes so wonderful desserts

Jagz is owned and operated by ex Southlander, Jane, she is amazing..she holds Monthly events, weekly specials ie on Fridays and Sundays..Jagz is in Sovereign Palms, at the top end of Kaiapoi is located not far from Kaiapoi's golf course is a wonderful drop in spot for a coffee, drink and nibble, before you head home.

3 cows, this was one of the first restaurants we visited when we moved to Kaiapoi, when we want to give friends and family a great meal we pop in here.

Paris for the Weekend is Kaiapoi's newest Cafe, based in Kaiapoi's old historic train station building. Serving yummy tea & coffee, high teas, chocolates and on site hand made food...including a wide range of gluten free food. This is a must visit when in Kaiapoi.



Takeaway's in Kaiapoi

Kaiapoi has a raft of takeaway food outlets, whether you want chinese, thai, pizza, fish and chips, maroccan, cambodian, etc Kaiapoi is a great place to stop by and have something to eat.

Khmer Angkor, provide you with Cambodia’s greatest Authentic dishes made using our own home-Grown Aromatic herbs, i.e. lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, Coriander, mint leaves and other Seasonal vegetables. First timers...try a set menu...so you can sample a wide range of lovelyness.

We have created a Kaiapoi Map (see below) that features all of the food related businesses in Kaiapoi

We love visiting Zaafran the food is great and is incredibly affordable.

I know friends would come from Christchurch just to get their fish and chips from Fish and Chips Kaiapoi.

Our family like to go to Kaikanui Fish and Chips... plus at times we go the Chinese option.

However when it comes to take aways and you want something wholesome and lots of yummy gravy and roast potatoes...try out the Kaiapoi Roast Cafe it is a personal favourite.

If you click on the link it will take you to a full list of all the takeaway shops in Kaiapoi


Bars in Kaiapoi

CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen Kaiapoi is the heart of the community in every way. We love to help support local teams, clubs & activities where ever possible, with a variety of fundraising opportunities. We have a large venue with plenty of space for all your functions or the family & kids to play & enjoy.

Kaikanui Tavern is the classic local pub with a bottle store on site.

The Mandi is a newly built tavern, sited close to the river and a short walking distance to the town centre, rose garden, the library and civic centre.

The Kaiapoi Club is always a good bet if you want a hearty meal...last night we had lovely whitebait...and all for only $25 ..it was excellent value for money... struggled to eat it all.

There is always something happening at the club, raffles and you meet a wide range of people. The cost of membership is also very affordable, I think currently around $30 for a year.

Pineacres bar and Restaurant is about friendly service, food, drinks and entertainment.

For all the foodies that are looking for a nice place to eat and drink in Kaiapoi

Here is a Food & Drink location Map of Kaiapoi - "kai in Kaiapoi"






Listing of all of the food related shops and businesses in Kaiapoi