Kaiapoi businesses make sure your info on Google is upto date

I have been on Google…yes yet again…
Google is relied upon by virtually everyone to find something someone…so if you are in business, wouldnt it be logical to ensure that your information is upto date
I was looking for cafes in Kaiapoi and of course hair dressers..
Here is what I found and would encourage every Kaiapoi Business to search for their business in google maps..and simply add it for FREE.
Add your business to the map
  1. Open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in.
  2. Zoom in to the map where you want to add your business.
  3. In the bottom right, click Report a problem.
  4. Click Add a missing place.
  5. Drag the marker where you business is, and add any relevant information.
  6. Click Submit.

How often do you use Google and do you trust the results

In a modern word, life without Google would almost seem impossible.
We rely heavily upon Google for all of the answers and we expect that the information it gives to be upto hair-dressers-kaiapoi-wrong-mapdate and accurate…
That’s what I thought and would expect, until I did a search for “hair dressers in Kaiapoi”

2 of the 3 hairdressers exist, however the addresses for the existing hairdressers are wrong on the attached map.

There at least 7 businesses that are hair related in Kaiapoi yet Google only shows 3…well 2…

This is an example of why I started the Kaiapoi.Info

What frustrates me about Google is that when you specifically ask for ie. “Kaiapoi things to do” the first listing has you going to the Adrenalin forest, Waimak Gorge and Christchurch snow and kiwi tour, none of these are in Kaiapoi… the listing from Google has gone ahead of a local Kaiapoi business, taking business away from the area…

Talking to business owners in Kaiapoi, they feel that the township is not being promoted for what it is… there are many excellent Kaiapoi businesses that are unknown

Setting up Kaiapoi.info I have placed every business large and small, every club and event that I could find…all for FREE

Yes I offer the chance to upgrade your listing, which will place your business above others, but I wouldn’t accept a business from outside of Kaiapoi to be ahead of a local business. I will offer businesses that service Kaiapoi the opportunity to place a listing, but they will be placed in another area, away from local listings.

The issue that people don’t support local businesses, is because it is potentially easier to go to Christchurch or Rangiora….or the businesses are too hard to find…

I hope with what we have done, life in Kaiapoi will be easier to find every Kaiapoi business, big or small…

All I ask  now is Support Local – Shop Local…

Tell your friends and family about the directory, start searching for local businesses and support our local industry and the entire community will thrive by doing so.

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Thank you


Kaiapoi this week in review

Kaiapoi promotions put on a great weekend of entertainment with the Christmas carnival. The one thing that impressed me was the KPA organised buses of families from Waiau to come down for the Saturday festivities, local businesses the likes of Hellers, ANZCO foods, David from Foodstuffs, Bundaberg drinks, Rivertown Cafe etc…great effort KPA.

I wanted to place an advert with Google Adwords promoting the http://kaiapoi.info website…it kaiapoi-not-hereasked what region I wanted to target, I wanted to target Kaiapoi… however I couldn’t, I could target Christchurch, Rangiora, I could even target Tai Tapu and Lincoln…but as far as Google was concerned the second largest town in the Waimakariri didn’t exist. The other towns are far smaller than Kaiapoi with Lincoln being half the population and can be targeted by advertisers…but Kaiapoi can’t.

I think this is one of the issues with Kaiapoi, because it is so close to Christchurch, it is seen as just a suburb or an outpost of Christchurch, Thats not the case in our minds.

The episode with Google has driven me even further to go forward and promote Kaiapoi

Emails have been sent to the various listings on the website, many people do not have emails listed to their businesses. SO will have to send cards or letters to those people.

If you have a business or know of someone that runs a business in Kaiapoi, check to see if they are listed on the website and if they are not, please let me know.

Have a great week